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Internet Services Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Neu-Tech Internet Service Provider is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) with offering wireless Broadband Services, Managed Internet Services and Internet Leased Lines. As a part of its growth plans, NeuTech is looking for expanding its presence in other cities also.

We offer high speed wireless Internet services to residential, corporate and SME customers. For corporate and SME customers NeuTech offers dedicated leased line to enable them to send huge amounts of data.Also NeuTech diversifying its Operations in the field of Back office Services, CCTV Installation &other IT Services.

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Key Features of ISP Services

We use a wireless technology to ensure quick and easy installation. Our high-end network is designed to deliver high speeds at all times.

Choose the right speed Neu-Tech Internet service –1 Mbpsupto 10 MBPS – and satisfy the ‘Need for Speed’ of your multiple devices.

Neu-Tech fully redundant; carrier agnostic network backbone ensures minimal downtime. Our service and technology ensures that your connection is up every time you need it.

Just in case, you ever run into an issue, we are just a phone call away. We will get your connection up and running as soon as possible!.

Our team of trained and experienced individuals is equipped to solve all your issues in minimum time.

Whether you are a business or home user, you are sure to find a package to suit your needs!.